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Malaysia Immigration Guideline

In line with Malaysia’s aspiration to become a Centre of Educational Excellence, the Immigration authorities have instituted hassle-free entry procedure to welcome international students to study in Malaysia.


You will need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysia Immigration Department prior to entering the country.

We will apply this on your behalf and will welcome you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and help you process the stamping of the student pass in your passport after arrival.

However, if you are already in Malaysia with a Social Visit Pass, you are eligible to obtain a Student Pass (subject to Malaysia Immigration approval) within 1-month from the date of entering Malaysia (applicable to Commonwealth Countries nationality only).

If you are not from a Commonwealth Country and enter Malaysia prior to obtaining a Student Pass, you will be charged a processing fee by the Immigration Department to convert your Social Visit Pass to a Student Pass.

It is advisable to remain in your home country until your Student Pass application is approved.

Student Pass / Visa
Validity of Student Pass / Visa
Payment of Student Pass / Visa
Dependant Pass
Employment Policies
Temporary Withdrawal
Termination of Studies


To apply for a Student Pass you must have the following documents ready:
• Acceptance letter from The One Academy
• 2-copies of all information (stamped pages) of the valid passport
• 2 recent passport-sized photographs;
• A Personal Bond deposit (ranging from RM100 – RM2000 depending on your home country). Refer to the Personal Bond chart in the Fee Structure attached in the Course Application Form.

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The Student Pass is normally valid for 1-year or less, single or multiple entries visas and has to be extended accordingly.

You are advised to submit your passport to our International Student Officer 2-months in advance before the expiry date in order for us to extend your new Student Pass / Visa on your behalf.

You are required to keep up and maintain your academic performance throughout your studies duration, as it is the criteria for extension as well.

Students who fail to submit their passport, or fail to inform our officer about their expiry dates would be considered as overstaying. Overstaying is considered a federal offence and therefore prosecutable in court. Punishment imposed will vary from prison sentence to caning followed by immediate deportation back to country of origin depending on the severity of the case.

It is strongly encouraged for all international students to be alert and wary of their student pass and visa’s expiry date in order to avoid this.
Our officer will assist you in any further enquiries pertaining to this matter.

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The Malaysian Immigration Department charges all students a fee of RM60 per year for student passes. Additionally, students who come from countries where entry visas into Malaysia are required will need to pay for an entry visa in Malaysia.

The fees for entry visas vary – please check with the Malaysian Embassy in your home country for more information. Any additional charges incurred will be as charged.

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If you are a Dependent Pass holder, you will need to give up your Dependent Pass to obtain Student Pass to study in Malaysia as no one is allowed to hold two passes at any one time. we will apply for this on your behalf.

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It is your responsibility to check the expiry date of your passport and have it extended at least 6 months before it expires.

Please seek for advice through our international student officer if you need any kind of help concerning your passport or immigration matters including loss of passport.

Alternatively, you may personally contact the Immigration authorities at:

Pejabat Imigresen Malaysia
(Malaysian Immigration Department)
4th Floor, Block 1, Pusat Bandar Damansara
50550 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: + 603 250 5695
Fax: + 603 252 4911

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Students are required to take up medical insurance to protect and insure their stay in Malaysia.

Unless it is proven that other similar insurance coverage has been obtained for the period during the student’s course, we have arranged the Students’ Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits for all and it is valid for a period of 1-year from the commencement date of 1st semester.

This health plan acts as a medical insurance at the most important times when a student requires it.

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As an international student you shall not engage in any form of employment or in any business, profession or occupation while studying at the academy.

International Students caught working in Malaysia are liable to be fined RM10,000 or jailed for a minimum of 6 months.

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If your 3-year full-time study with us is interrupted by personal reasons, causing you to return to your country for a period of time, you would have to inform us to terminate your Student Pass.
Upon your return to The One Academy, you are required to re-apply your Student Visa and other necessary immigration documentation for re-entering Malaysia.

We will look into the necessary procedures and documentation on your behalf. You will be advised on additional fees that cover reapplication of the Student Pass, processing and documentation fees charged by the relevant Malaysian authorities.

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International students must be full-time students and are only allowed to study at one private institution at any one time.

If you intend to terminate your studies, you must surrender your Student Pass to the Malaysian Immigration Department for cancellation. We will assist you on this.

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