The One Academy is an international art and design institution, dedicated to professional art and design education.


"We concur that The One Academy's creative education and industry-driven teaching methods that have produced extraordinary graduates with professional standards for the international creative industry! Well-Done!"

Shawn Kelly

Lead Animator of Star Wars I & II / Transfomers I,II,III


“The passion, dedication, and talents of both the students and the instructors at The One Academy have always impressed me.”

Ali Mohamed

Chief Creative Officer/ Chairman Emeritus of Leo Burnett, International Advertising Agency


“As far as we are concerned, a graduate from The One Academy can hold his or her own just about anywhere in the world,” says Mr Ali Mohamed.

Olivier de Rotalier

Managing Director of UBISOFT, World's Top Game Developer


“Many of the good candidates we met during our recruiting sessions were The One Academy graduates. We were impressed! And as we continue to recruit more young graduates, we will of course pay much attention to The One Academy students.”

Carlos Baena

Professional Animator of Pixar Animation Studios


“Wow! That is the best I can summarize my experience here at The One Academy; all the people I have met, the passion from the students, the energy from all the teachers to bring the best to their students. I feel The One Academy is truly doing an amazing job to give the students what they need to successfully make their dreams come true.”

AR Seshaprasad

Digital Production Manager from Rhythm & Hues India and Malaysia


“The One Academy respond to the needs of creative young people who are well in pursuing a career in the art & design, entertainment and animation industry.”

Doug Chiang

Master of Creative Film Production Design of Star Wars I & II and OSCAR Award Winner


“I am confident that The One Academy will be a leader in teaching and guiding creative young talents who are interested in a career in art and design, entertainment and the animation industry.”

Judy Glasman

Head of the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire


“The One Academy is great for young people who wants to be trained to work in the field of creative industries such as in animation, illustration and more.”

Kyle Balda

International Animation Director at Pixar and ILM


“As a host of animation masterclass here, I have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with The One Academy and appreciate their devotion to cultivating animation talent.”

Eric Riewer

Gobelins France Oscar Winning Animation Corporation


“The One Academy and Gobelins both share a very common philosophy about really nurturing artistic talents… and that combination of talent and skills is important to both of us.”

Ray Kosarin

Professional Animator, Director, Producer and Talent Recruiter of Lucasfilm


“The recruiters from Lucasfilm were impressed by The One Academy and would like to return to interview some of your graduating students to join the Jedi Masters programme.”