The One Academy is an international art and design institution, dedicated to professional art and design education.


This section showcases a collection of testimonials by our local and international students from all over the world. All are heading towards becoming creative professionals in art and design, made possible with the solid education they receive here. Take a look at these videos and be inspired by what they have to say about life here at The One Academy!

The One Academy is well-known for its high quality education as it attracts students from all around the world. Please select a country to check out what international students have to say about The One Academy.

Diploma in Advertising
& Graphic Design
We get to meet people who came from different countries, races and backgrounds. I'd recommend my friends to study here too, because it's a wonderful experience to exchange cultures and thoughts.
Talissa Limawan
Diploma In
Digital Animation
I learned about The One Academy from my friends in Malaysia. They have good reviews about the college and I think the students' works here are truly impressive.

Diploma in
Multimedia Design
The One Academy provides us with a solid foundation. When we become content creators ourselves, it enables us to shape the very essence of what multimedia is.
Wang Nai Yin
Diploma in Digital
The One Academy was my first choice of tertiary study for the impressive advertising and graphic design works of its students. I've also heard that we would be given many assignments! It sounds crazy, but I believe assignments and homework can help me improve my skills.
Diploma Programme In
Advertising & Graphic Design
We learn how to observe something well, study it further and apply it to our artwork. This course might be challenging, but it shapes your knowledge and ability to see things in a different perspective.
Louis Cua
Diploma In
Digital Animation
In The One Academy we learned a good mix of technical knowledge and art: design characters, backgrounds, stories, light
and mood.